A video analysis

The video that I am analyzing deals with the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the visit of Hilary Clinton to different countries in the region to seek an end to this conflict.

This video starts with a sting that marks the beginning of the Gaza-Israel-discussion part of the news program. A live wide static shot of the Israeli-Gaza border appears on the screen with the voice over of the anchor describing the situation between these two parties. Few seconds later, another sting is used as a transition to move to the reporter who is waiting to answer the anchor’s questions (Throw). The reporter appears in the center of the screen in a medium shot for few seconds and while he’s talking about Hilary Clinton and her visit to the region, a wide shot of her and of a group of people appears on the screen, followed by a medium panning shot of her walking and then a close-up shot of her sitting in a conference room. The camera then moves to track her in a tracking shot to end up focusing on her sitting next to President Obama in a wide shot, for few seconds– These shots are shown on the screen with the reporter’s voice over.

Another transition shot is used here, when the reporter stops talking and a medium static shot of speaker appears in the center of the screen. He, then, talks for few seconds about the issue followed by a wide static shot of Palestine from a high angle that shows a number of buildings affected by a bombardment (with black smoke in the air) with the voice over of the reporter. This shot is immediately followed by a zooming act that shows a medium shot of the targeted building with the smoke, for few seconds. The reporter, then, keeps talking while a close up static shot appears of the origin of the smoke appears on the screen. Another medium low-angled shot of a burning building, then, appears on the screen followed by a close-up shot of the same building that zooms-in to the origin of the fire.

The reporter then appears centered again on the screen and talks for few seconds before the screen splits on two showing him and the anchor in the studio (a transition shot to go back to the anchor in the studio). The word then is given to the anchor who thanks the reporter and appears centered on the screen. 


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