Behind the scenes at the Fluffy Tour- Sneak Preview

I am currently making a short documentary film that will take the viewer backstage at the Fluffy Tour that was held in Doha on February 2, 2013.

Gabriel Iglesias aka “The Fluffy Guy”, an American stand up comedian, is known for his unique style in stand-up comedy and is very popular in the GCC. He performed at sold out shows in the region in 2011 and again in 2013.

He performed with Bader Saleh, the most popular stand-up comedian in KSA, who is famous for his Youtube show.

Also on stage was Paul Varghese, Martin Moreno, Ibrahim Khairallah and Mohammed Fahad Kamal, the first Qatari comedian and a member of local SUCQ comedy troupe.

The show was produced by Halal Bilal, a South African comedian who is the unofficial Godfather of comedy in Qatar and founder of Stand Up Comedy Qatar.

Stay tuned for the actual movie…It’s coming out soon…


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