That Moment of Silence…

[An Extract from today’s interview]

Me: I see what you mean Doctor Eric, but don’t you think words are necessary for people to express their thoughts and feelings? How can you tell when the person does not say anything. Not saying a word, for me, is a choice we make to ignore someone around us.

Doctor Eric. F. N: You see, silence sometimes is more valued than the fanciest spoken words. This thought, at least in Psychology, has become a cliché, but let me say it differently. You know that well known singer [Om Kolthoum]…she knew exactly the importance of silent moments…seconds… She used to have many of those in her songs…what it did to people is that it made them love her songs, and admire her performances. That’s exactly what silence does to us. It tells us that the person cares, that the person loves, that the person needs…but most importantly it tells us that the person is scared to hear herself say those words. It tells us that the person is scared to convey these feelings. I know this because when I met the person who has shared 50 years of life with me so far, I was silent…And that was the best moment of silence I have even had…

[I had so many questions to ask him. I didn’t know where to start from, but I couldn’t stop him…I hope you enjoyed this part of his answer as much as I did…And may we all find that one moment of silence…;)]


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