Violence in Super Bowl Ads and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. A Toaster to the Groin

    There’s been no shortage of stories about the long term risks associated with violence on the football field. But during this weekend’s Super Bowl, you’re likely to see a fair share of violence somewhere else: In the commercials. It turns out we tend to find a lot of humor in someone getting punched in the face or taking a toaster to the groin. We remember these ads. But do they make us buy whatever is being sold? That’s a more complicated question.

    + It’s a big weekend for players. It’s an equally big weekend for those who bet and play fantasy football. From the NYT Magazine: The Super Bowl of Sports Gambling. Having dabbled at the edges of such degenerate gambling, let me suggest that you treat the addicts at your Super Bowl party with kid gloves. The end of the…

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