Education, life, and the human mind in a word of contemplation…

A word of contemplation...

What the wolrd is witnessing today has triggered many Psychology-related questions in the minds of many people
(At least in my own mind and that of the Psychologist I interviewed): What is the reason behind the violent bahavior that humans are showing in the last few years? What does this tell us about the nature of the human mind/Psychology? and what does it say about the future?

The interviewed 56-year-old-psychologist wishes to be anonymous, at least in this post, for security reasons. She will, however, be answering more questions about different topics in the future with full identification.

Here is part of the interview I had with her, and I thought would be worth sharing with you:

“My answer to this question could be summerized in one word: Paradox. The human mind is a network of adaptations that process information in ways that produce adaptive behavior under specific conditions or set a number of solutions for closely related adaptive problems. Given this definition of the mind, the concept of Paradoxical behavior I mentioned is something that has been accentuated by the conflict between the theoretical concepts that the mind recieves and the translation of these concepts into bahavioral exhibit. This is exactly what we have been dealing with in the last couple of decades. We teach our kids something. We don’t even give them the required time to process it before we do the complete opposite. They also grow to see that what we are teaching them is not the case. For the mind to recieve all of these paradoxical shocks and try to deal with them on many levels without having a solid ground is very problematic. We are currently dealing with a whole generation that’s being raised based on these paradoxes, we are talking about more than 30 years of education here, and what we’re seeing around us is probably, only the beginning…I think quoting Pinker would help here: ‘The mind is organized into modules of mental organs, each with a specialized design that makes it an expert in one arena of ineraction with the world. The Modules’ basic logic is specified by our genetic program. Their operation was shaped by natural selection to solve the problems of the hunting and gathering life led by our ancestors in most of our evolutionary history.’ I just thought reading this defintion would say it much better than I would in my own words.”

Another touch of life...

“Does this tell us anything specific about the human mind/psychology? Anything you would want people to know?”

“This actually says everything about the human mind. What we have in here is pure power. I can’t emphsise enough the power that we have over our minds, and thus over the world around us. The situation could simply change with one thought. I say it again, only one thought. The only challenge we have is choosing the right thought and communicating the associated perspective. I don’t want to sound naive, or dreamy, but if every single person manages to do this, then all of the world’s problems would be solved…This means, believeing in the power of thought. Tracing the ability of principles in drawing our paths in life. What does it mean not to ask yourself specific questions before you behave in a certain way? What does it mean to question your abilities in reaching a specific goal? what does it mean not to be able to solve a problem between two sides just by referring to the ground that we all have in commun, which is logic, in analyzing the details of the problem? All of these questions might sound complicated but if you listen to the same question twice every day, you will start reflecting on these concepts, and the missing voice of conscience, that contributes to the folmulation of the thought and  that we are trying to produce, will definitely be revived.”

“I guess a logical question after all you said here would be, what should we do now? what does all this tell us about the future?”

“Education. You can translate that the way you want to, but that’s all I’m going to say.”


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