Us Humans…Between the Sense and the Sensibility…

An old, but a deeply touching post! I hope you enjoy reading it…again…

The journey: Life between tomorrow and yesterday

I have been working on a short article, for which I have interviewed a number of Psychologists to talk about feelings–human feelings. Throughout these interviews, I have come to the following conclusion: Even them, psychologists– the people we think are the closest to the mystery of mind and heart– have no clue, whatsoever, of the nature of the conflict between the two greatest drives of humans, sense and sensibility.

I have decided to collect the best quotes–Or at least, some of what I think are the best quotes– and put them together, to formulate what I think is one of the best admirable answers to this human mystery:

“We think that being in love is a matter of the heart, but that’s just complete rubbish. This is not the ‘Psychologist me’ talking. This is rather the ‘ordinary human me’ talking. And I am, indeed, talking from experience. I know that…

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