Defining The Lady Code

One more detail about being a lady: You should care about your brain as much as you care about your body. No lady is a real Lady if she does not have of knowledge what allows her to discuss the latest political changes in the world or of education what permits her to understand the real meaning behind Shakespeare’s 94th Sonnet.
A lady is defined as a classy, intelligent, smart, glamorous character who is reachable but never obtainable.

Theodora Goss

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post called “The Lady Code.” In it, I pointed out that there is still a “lady code,” an implicit code by which we determine whether or not a woman is a lady. This code dates back to at least the Victorian era: in Victorian novels, characters always seem to know, immediately, whether or not a woman is a lady “by her dress and manner.” (I don’t remember where those words come from, but most likely a Sherlock Holmes story?)

Here is what I wrote in my last blog post: “In American, we are raised with an implicit lady code, because we tend not to talk about social status. But upper-middle class girls are educated into it: they are taught what to wear, usually by their mothers. They are taught which skirts are too short, which shirts too tight. They are taught…

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