Meeting “The One” is a question of Genes!

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, would you marry me?”

“Emm, yes? I think?…I don’t know!”

So, how do you know when you meet the one? And how can you even find the one?

Shortly, the answer is your genes! Yes, you read it right, it is written in your genes.

Allow me to explain a bit more and expand on this idea.

Back in the time, when my mother was a Med student, she had to do some sort of trainng at the hospital. For this purpose, her class was divided into groups of around 10 students. Each group had a training leader, who was referred to as the CHU stage –which is the French word for internship– training leader.

Guess who was the training leader of her group? Well, I’m going to save the anwer for later.

After doing this training for some time, my mother had to take a class that dealt with the theoratical side of things. The class lasted for almost three months, and

guess who was the professor? Yes, he was the same person who trained her, earlier that year, in the internship.

Today, I call him Daddy.

So, what on earth does this have to do with the genetic side of finding the one?

It’s coming, just wait for it!


It's definitely in your genes!
It’s definitely in your genes!


I, the daughter of the above talked about couple, have always had a vision of the man I want to end up with.

Like any other hopeless Romantic girl, I have always thought of the way I would meet that person –the one– and how it should be so romantic, and special.

And guess what?! I have always wanted it to happen in a very specific setting. Falling in love with “the professor” has always been the idea I had in mind. I always wanted it to be done in a very traditional, classical, way.

Surprising isn’t?!


Guess what, I grew up and I started my professional journey, and I developed many friendships with many professors.

Few months ago, or rather last year –to be more specific– I had two of them propose to me. Yup, as I said, they proposed on one knee, with a ring and everything –one of them happened in a hotel, during a friend’s party, the other one happned in the middle of a meeting :p, professional I know–

Again, surprising, isn’t?!

All of this happened before I even know about my parents’ story, and now, after hearing that, it all makes sense to me.

It’s definitely genetic!


The Hopeless Romantic, and her genes!
The Hopeless Romantic, and her genes!


So what should you do now? I mean, if you’re wondering how and when you’re going to meet Mr/Mrs “the one”? I think you should simply ask your parents about their story.




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