I spent 12 hours waiting at Dubai’s airport, when I…you…

Airports are very romantic.
I have always believed in this concept but it never hit me; it never got to me like it did this time.
I don’t know if it was the country –as that’s where we were supposed to meet– or the connotation that I have of variant feelings to airports, or maybe it’s just my simple romantic mind, but everything seemed different this time, beautifully different.
I was sitting there, by myself, tired, resisting the need to sleep, so badly. I couldn’t just leave my luggage, my bags, my “stuff”, and just fall…asleep.
I had to stay awake, and so, I started looking at almost everyone as moving shoulders, moving shoulders that I can put my head on and just fall…asleep. Haha, I know it sounds a bit weird, but seriously, my head hurt, and there was nothing to lean on.
And then, suddenly, it wasn’t only about shoulders anymore…I started wandering off, looking for his eyes, his hair, his lips…I started looking for him in every person I see, in every man I had encountered.
His traits became the leading line for my eyes, and suddenly, the light, around me, at the airport became much softer. The annoying voice of singing children around me made me smile and the slowly moving airplanes –that I was watching from the window– became simply interesting.
Now, I know how ridiculous this sounds, and I know it makes you think how pathetically romanticized my thoughts are, but, seriously, this is the painful truth 😛
This is exactly when I realized that I’ve always had that belief; The airport is indeed a romantic place.
But, in this case, I only had one remaining question; a question that I had no answer for: Why is the revilement of this belief connected to you?
I guess, in that specific moment, I wanted to see you. And I was super tired, I needed some sleep, so I needed to put my head on someone’s shoulder and fall asleep, and you sounded like the right one for that :p
But I also wanted to feel you…only you…
And after spending 12 hours at that airport wandering around with my thoughts, I don’t think I even want to be…to be there again, without you.
But this place has also showed me, or rather you, you –and the thought of you combined with the symbolic significance of this place, which is the airport– have showed me that we, you and I, are never going to “be”…not at that airport –Dubai’s airport– not at another airport, not anywhere else.
Funny, because at some point in time, I thought we had the whole world to meet. 
Funny how I knew you will never take that extra step, you will never go that extra mile. I knew it, but I did not want to admit it…But now I know, you made me look like a fool. Not to anyone, but to myself. 



PS: Below is a pic of the simple minded romantic person who believed in this thought


2 thoughts on “I spent 12 hours waiting at Dubai’s airport, when I…you…

  1. I enjoyed reading this… very spontaneous & smooth. I share the airports passion with yoh, yet not the romantic side if it, lol.

  2. I am so glad to know that you enjoyed reading this Saad! And I guess sharing that passion for airports is something we all have, but each one of us likes to express that in a different way (or at least, this is what I have realized, lately). Some of us passionately love airports because they think they’re romantic, others passionately hate them because they believe airports are sad places..haha…as long as the passion is there! 😉

    Thank you again for the comment!

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