Listen up Yo, it’s an open letter for you, Mr. Future lover/Soul-Mate/Husband/etc,etc,etc,…

Anti-Cliche Me.
Anti-Cliche Me.


I’ve read some open letters that I think do the concept of “cliche” a fair job.

You know, letters in which we would read all the “usual” stuff: I want to grow old with you, I want to fall next to you, I want to move my index in the morning with you, I want to breathe with you, bla, bla, bla,…

This is not to say that Love is one cliche of a concept, but this, rather suggests that the way we look at the idea of Love, the way we think of it, the way we wish for it or try to experience it tends to be described as “Cliche.”


But why is that?


I don’t think I am going to answer this question–No, Not now, and not in this post (I’ll write another post in which I explain the tendency that our brains have to sticking to cliche-like ideas/memories/events/mentality/life…)

But let me tell you this, we all find an escape in these “cliches.”

The reason I wanted to write this post, however, is to show that we can definitely write an open Love letter without sounding like moving-cliche-speaking-puppets, and still sound as “interesting” and “romantic.” So dear Mr. Future Love/Best-Best-Friend/Husband/Partner/other-Half…Listen up:

  • As human beings, we all tend to start thinking about settling down and being romantically involved with someone at a certain age. We do that and we fall in the trap of hoping or wishing for that special person to grow old with to go grocery shopping with to sleep next to drive on the high-way with to jump with to have aching bones with but wait a second isn’t all this some sort of a natural almost automatic consequence to the way things develop/happen after finding whoever you will end up with? I mean aren’t you going to grow old with who ever he/she is? unless one of you dies or you get a divorce of course even then it’s arguably valid to say that you are both growing old  Aren’t you going grocery shopping any way? I mean unless you want to die of hunger or maybe survive on rats visiting the house or something you will probably go grocery shopping…etc, etc, etc,…


I feel like I wrote/read/said all that in one breath, so give me a second…

I think I was just mumbling. I am nervous, and I was just thinking out loud, so forget about all that and let’s start over.

Here’s what I would rather you know:

  • I am going to be yours, completely yours. I will cook for you; Clean the house; Spoil you; Take care of the kids… But, I mean I am not going to be the house keeper or something so you’re definitely helping with all these tasks, ok?!


Listen, my nerves might have gotten to me again.

I think I’ll take another second…


Here’s what I really want to tell you:

  • When we meet, you will get a better sense of this, but I’m not like anyone you have ever met before (scientifically speaking, this is a fact, you cannot find two people who are identical from a morphology and personality point of view), and neither are you. Despite our defaults, we’re going to be very subjective in looking at/judging each other, so let me tell you this, right here, right now:

Yes, we’ll probably do everything everyone wants to do in couples, all the cliche stuff, that’s normal, but we will do it in our own way.

Like instead of waking up to your face, I would Love to wake up and look for you (I’ll tell you what I mean when I meet you. I have plenty of crazy ideas!) ;P

You’ll get to hear all about these ideas, I mean, we will have plenty of time to wonder around and discuss them 😉


ANY WAY, just show up whenever you’re supposed to, and we can plan everything up, Ok?!


Now, excuse me, I have to go back to the life I have now, before you come in. You know, to make the plans I have to make before you show up!


                                                        — The one who will love you after meeting you and probably dating you

                                                            for a bit as well. And the one who expects a surprise proposal with a big

                                     ring! (Yes, because I love big squared diamonds!)–

                                                                                                     Abir (That’s my name)

And this, right here, is me, just for the sake of clarification (I am the one in pink btw)! :p


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