Passion…It’s nothing but one part of the equation…

I have always had it on my wall. Stuck there. Written in red. “If passion is your fuel, than commitment is your engine.”

It was the line that kept me going in a way– When I am down, when I feel lost, or sometimes, when I am suffering from that annoying, occasional lack of motivation state.

But Passion is nothing but one part to the answer...
But Passion is nothing but one part of the answer…

It has always been a quote from a book that I read. It has always been a theory, to me, until today– Or rather, until this year.

In our lives, we grow in stages. Reality hits us in stages. We develop, also in stages. One of these stages, is that of quest, or pursuit.

There is no rule for when we can experience that; some of us go through it at the end of their teenage hood, some in their late 20’s, some others even in their 40’s. But we all, certainly, witness the same underlying feelings: those of loss, lust, eagerness, ambition, and agony even.

It usually coincides with the idea of planning– your future, maybe, or your wedding, or your career…

You think you have a vision. You think you have the answers– the ones you need at least. You grow and you keep growing. But then, reality hits you…love hits you…society hits you…human nature hits you…human thinking hits you…And when they do, they hit hard– and they hit all at once, all at the very same time.

Guess what?!

That’s when commitment really counts. That’s when commitment should really be your engine.

I came to realize that the outliers among us, those who make that 1%, are those who were committed to who they are, to their core, when going through these messy stages of development, of life.


Yes, maybe faithful in their vision.

I guess then the best way to end this post would be to remind you of how important it is to make of passion your fuel, and commitment your engine in life– as CHEESY as that sounds 😉


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