Let’s speak Art this time…

I know this is coming kind of late, but you know, life has been keeping me busy and away from blogging for a while.


As promised in my last post, I will be analyzing some of my paintings. Or rather, I will be  explaining my vision –the artist’s vision– presented in some of the paintings that I did.

So let’s start with this one, for example:


The truth is, I can go on and on and on about the way this painting conveys the conflict of feelings that we experience as human beings, or in simpler, shallower terms, the way this painting presents the aggressiveness in life seasons…and bla, and bla, and blaaaaah….

But to be honest, when painting it, I didn’t even know what I was doing until I was over with it. I did not know what I wanted to convey through the painting except that I was super mad, and that’s what got me going for the whole day (and 6 hours of the night) trying to finish it.

So, if you see any of my exhibitions, and you hear me giving any other explanation for what I tried to convey through this painting, please note that what I am saying is not really the truth, and that it’s all a “scripted” text by the PR agent of the event 😉


Alright, what about this painting:


Unlike the previous painting, I did have a vision when I was working on this one, but it wasn’t really the most interesting interpretation/story a PR agent would like you to tell to those who come all the way to the exhibit place to take a look at your paintings.

All I had in mind when I was painting this was Dracula. Don’t ask me why, or how! That’s just the truth. I don’t know if it conveys that, but I had so many dark pictures in mind, and extreme feelings/thoughts of fear, but also extreme optimism –Ironically and strangely enough.

So there you go, the truth was revealed right there!


Alright, here’s another painting:


This one was a bit different because it’s a Three-part-painting that you can exhibit in different ways. But, honestly, I had a story behind this particular painting–Like a story that would make the PR agent proud! :p

What drove me throughout the process of painting this particular picture was frustration: I was frustrated with the idea of speed. Everything is moving so accelerated. Everything is rushed, or rather, must be rushed. Everything is just so fast! And that’s how we’re expected to live life. So that was the idea behind it, everything is moving, and the branch of the tree, is supposedly the living creatures –in a particular way, the human being.

And Bang! That was another interpretation of another painting.


I mean, I could go on and on and on, and I could tell you about the drama that is sometimes created between the artist and the the PR agent of the exhibition, that is usually treated as an advertising event for a specific “thing.” But I guess it’s fun to have the ability to express your self in a language that is open for endless interpretations. A language, that maybe not everyone speaks, but everyone understands.


So I am going to leave you with a couple of other paintings that you can feel free to interpret and analyze the way you want to!

Let me know what you think! 😉



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