I have watched “The Notebook” Three times, in One week…Now What?

Yes, I have. But what does that say about my psychological state? Or what does it say about me at all?

I have mentioned this to a few of my friends, and the first reaction has always been, “awwww, are you ok?” or even worse, “OH MY GOD, I am really sorry.”

Well, thank you for implying the fact that I am emotionally depressed/lonely/in need for a “hug,” which usually proceeded the comments that I mentioned earlier. But, honestly, I think this does not make sense at all.

I mean, Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate their concern, and I really appreciate the fact that they took the time to see the “emotional depression” that I was supposedly experiencing by voicing the fact that I have watched a romantic movie three different times in one week.

But, what if such a shallowly analyzed act means something completely different from what it might manifest or “surfacely” suggest?

It’s somehow funny, but I just find it interesting how I have to bring up this topic over and over again, and how people don’t really understand it yet.

I am in love with the concept of love. I am passionately drowning in the thought of after-love. I am blown away with the idea of passion, lust, desire, fervor, and ardor. I am really eager to get the sneakiest/most confined peek at the human mind, when experiencing these feelings –but most importantly/accurately, these thoughts.

The closest way to take that look, for any artist –and I think I can speak for all artists here– is by indulging myself, my mind, and most importantly my soul in the experience.

I write about love. I paint love. I live love, and what’s more satisfying than that? What’s more inspiring than living love, on a daily basis –or rather a momentary basis?

I really don’t mean for this post to become a cliche, but this idea –the idea of living love– I think, should be given more consideration.

When we hear people talking about it, we think of it as a cheesy idea; over-spoken of, over-talked about, over-consiered, over-taken…Over everything.

But, in fact…it’s not…

Breathing love and living by the concept of love is an idea so englobing that it goes way beyond the cheesy concept that we associate it with. Living love means speaking tenderness, generosity, and empathy. But most importantly, it means speaking determination, strength, and vigorousity.

It really means speaking certain words of determination and sticking by these words. It’s a way of life.

And for a woman. For a lady. For a female character, living the concept of love means more, way more than just that. On top of all the characteristics mentioned above, a lady, when breathing the idea of love, learns how to be the creature of magic that everyone wants to be, and who everyone longs for: The faithful and detached. The sociable and loner. The happy and sad. The passionate and platonic. The gentle and tough. The lady and the girl. The predictably unpredictable.

So if watching a movie like “The Notebook” three times in one week, is what it takes to have a grasp of all of these values and be able to write, paint, and live these characteristics, then I will do it over and over again.

And I will randomly write about it on WordPress, just to announce to the world that being the foolishly hopeless romantic you might be, means way more than what people will ever understand.


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