It was what happened at that coffee shop that changed me…forever…

Sometimes another ordinary day just starts, but with nothing close to ordinary.

Un-blur that view…It's beautiful...
Un-blur that view…It’s beautiful…

For me, it was that one day. I was in a coffee shop (one of my personal favorite places to be in the world). I wasn’t alone, I was with a few friends. That was the first time we meet after a year and a half of separate “busy” lives, so the conversation was exciting…invigorating…refreshing…simply very engaging.


But I still caught myself wandering away with my thoughts, and sight probably, looking at a man sitting right across from me, on his laptop. He looked so focused on what he was doing. It seemed like he’s either creating a detailed plan to start an empire, or that he’s studying the different surgical steps for relieving a patient from scoliosis. The point is, he was so focused on what he had in hand that he did not even notice me staring at him.

I found myself wondering, what would he look like going home after a long day at work? What would be his reaction when receiving a long awaited promotion? What is the last thing he does before going to bed at night? How does he deal with pain? How does he drink his coffee? How does he like his eggs in the morning?


Imagining him was beautiful. And looking at him in the light of those details was also beautiful.


The imagery was interrupted by one of my friends, asking me to contribute to the conversation: Italy for the summer? It sounds great, yes, but it didn’t stop me from wandering again with my thoughts.

It was a woman this time. She had blue nail polish, electrifying blue. And it got me thinking, maybe she applied that while talking to a friend on the phone…was she sitting in the living room then? Or maybe she only does that when with other girlfriends. What kind of books does she like to read? Does she like talking about her feelings? Where are her loved ones? Does she like her job?

I was wandering with my thoughts…and then I fell in love. I fell in love with the life in each of us; in every single one of us. It was beautiful, and it got me thinking: I know nothing about these two individuals’ lives, but I felt an instant connection to them. I feel like I know them now, not necessarily their lives, just them. They were there, two human beings, but they’re not complete strangers anymore. I recognize the little details about them now. I feel the importance of these details in drawing their lives. I see the beauty of these details in shaping who they are, and it made me realize that they’re beautiful. Both of them together and each of them alone.


I fell in love with these little details, with their beings…and I think I can say that at that one moment, I fell in love with life. It was beautiful. And I thought about sharing it with you. You don’t have to find the super focused man and the blue-nail-polish woman to fall in love though, you can start with those in your life. They deserve to be observed. And you deserve to feel the beauty of life within each one of us. including yourself.


What if we started to look at people differently, in the light of these little details, and little connections that we create with them?


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