Welcome to “Adulthood”

So, apparently, what they said is a kind of true!

I mean, like really!

I am an "adult" I need saving!
I am an “adult” I need saving!


I heard many people around me say that entering “adulthood” means the beginning of your end, on so many levels. But I never thought of it this way! Really.

Well, the first thing you’re expected to do is definitely to never start your sentence the way I started this article!

The older you get, the clearer the picture is for you; you start loving yourself more; you start collecting the courage needed to eliminate the unwanted/un-needed/useless elements from your life (this applies to people as well as objects); you start caring more about the real purpose for your existence; you start appreciating the little things; you get a better understanding of the concept and value of time; you start working towards less expectations and greater results; you start to really enjoy the journey!


That’s great, beautiful, inspirational! We can write poems about how wonderful and nobel that is! But then there is a very dark obsolete side for this world they call “adulthood” that no one ever mentions anything about. And what’s even worse is that, this dark side is even more consuming than that other “great, wonderful, inspirational!” side.

Once you are labeled as “adult,” which usually happens once you turn twenty, you start noticing some changes, weird ones:

1-You start glancing this look on peoples’ faces: everything you say as an “adult” is subject to question until, I, myself (a fellow “adult”),  ensure that what you’re saying is “true.” Why? because, as “adult” I have to read malignity and viciousness in you! I don’t know what happened to the idea of reading the good in everyone until proven otherwise! I mean, we used to do that as teenagers and kids (which BTW was yesterday! Not that long ago!). You see “adults” questioning each other, conspiring against each other, back-stabbing each other (quite literally!).

2-Those labeled “adults” just feel like they have the guts, courage, and right to stand in front of individuals and belittle them, based on class differences, race differences or whatever kind of difference they may possibly come up with. I mean, I see all kinds of images that make my brain go like: What the hell is this existence? You see a 26-27 “young” “adult” YELLING at a 35-36 year-old “adult” on the street because of a car accident. I am not sure what happens when time turns on the adult switch, but for some reason, it just gives those labeled as such the audacity to disrespect their fellow human beings, in many ways, and on many levels.

3-Rules! Etiquettes! Norms! Regulations! Bla, Bla, Blaaaa….. That’s all you hear, and that’s all you are expected to follow, supposedly. As a new comer to the “adulthood” world, you think that you have to stick to all of them, and that you have to follow these rules to succeed, I mean, that’s what logic would dictate. But then, day after day, moment after moment, incident after incident,  you realize that these “adults” only create the rules to break them, in the ugliest ways possible (and to confuse the new comers as well!).

4-Everything said must have a sexual connotation/interpretation. Why? Just because they’re “adults” and this, apparently, is a an important criteria of being one. They live under the pretext of hormonal drives, and urges! Really?! Disgusting, and shameful for the human race that’s all I need to say.

5-“Adults” also feel the need to butcher your life goals. It could quite possibly be a way of self-reassurance, but I am not sure, yet! You want to be the first Arab representative of the “bla” in Canada! Or you want to be the first latin woman on the moon! Or even the first drop out from “bla” in the “bla.” I know I have to work hard for it and I know I have to sacrifice many things to reach it, but why do you feel like as “adult” you have the right to come to me, tell me that my goal is immature, butcher my ambition, and walk away?

6-Labels. All “adults” talk about noble value, superior human characteristics, and virtuous traits. But then, all around you, and on different scales, you see stabbings, wars, killings, blood, and disappointment. Everywhere and on all scales. There is no world that is filled of hypocrisy more than that of “adulthood.”

Long live that Child in us!
Long live that Child in us!

And then they wonder: Why do you still have that “child in you?

Well, I have to say that that “child” is your only saver in this so called “adulthood” world. Shape that “child,” Raise that “child,” and always keep that “child” alive within you.

But I know, I am still learning. I mean, I am a new comer to the so called “adulthood” world after all. What I see so far, however, is a great battle that I have to have to save my self from the pitfalls and limitations of being an “adult.” May I always have that “child within me. May YOU always have that “child” within you.


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