I finally watched the Oscars…and all I felt was deception.

We look around us and all we see is tags and labels.


Tags and labels...
Tags and labels…


We have tags on everything; tables, mugs, houses, cars; and we have labels on everyone; humans, religions, races…

I have always been a great fan of Psychology: I love studying this science, looking into its challenges and plausible discoveries. I thought it was brilliant for the human being to create a science that would allow him/her to better and further understand himself/herself.

But then, I looked around and I realized that Psychology is just one more label that we hide behind.


I have been fed the idea of ambition ever since I was a child; it’s very important to believe in yourself and to always aim for leadership. I thought that politics is the way to go, and that I should stand under the political “umbrella” of thought, and leadership will be my natural path. Long story short, I turned into a real fan of politics. To me, politics was the way to success; an order that humans created to help our societies through the path of evolvement and development. I thought my mission might finally be revealed, and I may just have to become a politician.

But then, I looked around and I realized that Politics is just another big gigantic massive labeled lie that we…use to hide.


So I guess, in a way, my last resolution was to look into media. What is there to say about Media. There is, actually, a lot to say about media.

I decided to make it into a career. I decided that I belong to the world of media. But the deception, this time, was not of any lower affect; I still looked around and saw everything I should see about the way people hide behind their words and lances. This time, however, I walked into this world knowing exactly what to expect: A knife is grabbed to kill nine innocent lives…a gun is snatched to kill three other souls…and the act of killing is not even condemned.

We see fire. We see guns. We see killings. We scream blood. But all we hear is religion and race.

Let me try to rephrase this by asking one question (or maybe a bunch of them): Why do we value human lives differently, by hiding behind the idea of religion? Why don’t we just condemn the wrong doings –like killing innocent lives maybe! Why do we use the media as a shield for our labeled thoughts?

Those thoughts that we try to politicize using all tricks of inclination of human psychology, by broadcasting such events as the Oscars, and taking this opportunity to celebrate such songs as “Glory.”


It comes across as fake. It comes across as acted out and phony. Beautiful how we only remembered all these noble concepts of humanity, solidarity, and unity when this song was written and performed to win the Oscar; just then, but not in any other day. What’s even more beautiful is how easily we can forget, and so easily be englobed into the “greatness” of such events…music…and acts.


It’s fascinating to admit it, but I finally watched the Oscars…and all I could possibly feel was deception



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