It was what happened at that coffee shop that changed me…forever…

The journey: Life between tomorrow and yesterday

Sometimes another ordinary day just starts, but with nothing close to ordinary.

Un-blur that view…It's beautiful... Un-blur that view…It’s beautiful…

For me, it was that one day. I was in a coffee shop (one of my personal favorite places to be in the world). I wasn’t alone, I was with a few friends. That was the first time we meet after a year and a half of separate “busy” lives, so the conversation was exciting…invigorating…refreshing…simply very engaging.


But I still caught myself wandering away with my thoughts, and sight probably, looking at a man sitting right across from me, on his laptop. He looked so focused on what he was doing. It seemed like he’s either creating a detailed plan to start an empire, or that he’s studying the different surgical steps for relieving a patient from scoliosis. The point is, he was so focused on what he had in…

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