What about the unspoken..The untold..unsaid?!

There is so much more to life…than the narrow definition that you have of life.

But…what about…Me? You, maybe? The things we like to get hyped up about? Like me? You, maybe?

Like humanity. Like faithfulness, faith even. Like passion. Like struggle, well more like relief maybe. Like success. Like belief. Or patience, hope, and love.

Augh, I know. Life is only supposed to lift me to that position where I can choose, correct? Drive me to that cross-road and leave me to my free will, right?

Oh no, wait, that’s not everything. After lifting me that high, and driving me to that cross-road, life is also supposed to shower me with contradictions, and rules…contradicting rules really. To be able to choose my path, and decide, I am supposed to be open about my feelings. I am supposed to, always, open up, and speak up. But, my mistakes will never be forgotten. My spoken words will always remain crafted up high for life to showcase, whenever it’s the hardest to forget.

Much for humanity, life. Much for forgiveness in love.

You are also supposed to scream it out: Do you remember? Do you still think about us? Do you still feel it? I know I will always do. But, you know what, you will also need to know that your questions may never have an answer. That HE might never say a word. That he might simply be cold.

Cold? That’s an interesting word. His words were not cold as the ice—cheesingly enough—they were as cold as fire.

Much for passion, hah?! Or maybe, it’s belief that we should be questioning here? I am sorry, maybe it’s just patience.

I mean, how would I know, I am just a human. I am just a woman…

Just a human...
Just a human…

One thought on “What about the unspoken..The untold..unsaid?!

  1. Contradictory rules are seemed to be so by birth of our open-mindedness. “As cold as fire”, interestingly, ice when cold enough can cause sever burns, and just as extreme heat, can cease the life in it.
    Golden article!

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