I changed my fragrance…


Doesn’t it look exactly like it? The same place, from last year.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t smell the same anymore.
The bottle got emptier every day, and almost a year later, I was ready for a change.
I am much more mysterious now, for the outsider’s eye at least. And so is my fragrance. I am much darker, my soul is. And so is my fragrance.
I don’t know if I told you, but I am also much more determined and attractive. And sure enough, so is my smell.
I remember around this time, last year. It was snowing. Oh, do you remember that huge glass window?! We were watching the cars covered with snow like little toys?!
Do you remember how cold you felt then? And how my “fragrance” was the only thing that Kept you warm? You felt warm then.
I do. I remember that scene.
I guess this is why I had to change that battle. It contained your warmth. It had a sprint of breath in each drop…a sprint of your breath, in each captured drop. And God knows I hated that.

I use Dior now. Dior, Poison, and God knows…it’s poisonous, just like my smell…


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