This time of the year…

It’s beautiful…And it brings back so many memories…


I am not sure what triggered the “I-feel-inspired-to-write-about-that” feeling this time. Was it the “I-feel-dreamy” mood that I got myself into after watching the romantic comedy that I just watched?

Or was it the fact that it’s the “holiday” season, and everyone is suddenly feeling merry and peaceful?

Or maybe it was the feeling of Nostalgie, or rather, what Germans decided to call Ostalgie (If you don’t know this word, I would recommend Googling it. I had to write a 40 page paper about it, that’s how I know it!)

Any way, I am not sure what triggered the inspiration to write this post, but what I know is that it feels great to experience this time of the year. I know the world has witnessed some of the darkest times this year. And we, as human beings, have done so much harm to this earth, and to each other, this year: The most terrible being the huge loss of morality that we decided to establish, and prove in almost every single act we do.


But you know what, there are moments when you feel like you just woke up from a very deep coma, not necessarily because you weren’t conscious, or because you weren’t aware of something specific, but rather because you were not very thankful for the little things.

Those little things that get lost in our daily routine:

Like the fact that drinking coffee from your favorite orange mug used to make you so happy, no matter what happens, and no matter what time of the day it is.

Like deciding to be the crazy “adult” in the house and giving anything and everything your family is trying to discuss a funny  edge.

Like forgetting to watch your favorite show because you’re discussing the plan of your life with your parents and sarcastic siblings (and by life plan I mean, what you’re doing this summer)

Really, like taking the time to write something as random as this post and remembering this time last year with a smile; when you were so excited to spend New Years’ eve with the one man you thought will be the one, to end up…well, I am not sure where I ended up actually, but he certainly is not the one. I mean, I know he’s someone special, but…

I don’t know, maybe he is the one!


Do you see how confused and confusing that sentence is?! Well, that’s exactly what 2015 felt like. But it definitely had its beautiful moments, and that’s what we should be thankful for, and try to build on.


I am thankful for these moments because they never fail to keep us going. And I suggest you try to be thankful too.





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