We’re each inhabiting a different rented body…

We all share the same destiny.


“We’re all traveling through time…everyday…together.”

We live through every day, thinking about the next one. Minutes, hours, and days pass us by–Days, weeks, and decades.

Eventually, if we’re ordinary enough, we will find that self that we spent the last 80 to 90 years in, lying down on a hospital bed; surrounded by doctors, nurses, family & maybe some friends.

Faces: some recognizable, and some, mostly, unidentifiable. Does it really matter though? Because that self, now, is distant. Detached. Most probably, apart.


We’re all inhabiting these rented bodies, that we will, at some point, give away. So, does it matter? Does what you do in the span of 80 years, on average, matter, at all?


The world we live in, today.


Era: Cenozoic

Period: Quaternary

Century: 21st

Year: 2016

Counties: 196 (or 195) depending on how blindly guided you are

Population: 7.4 billion (-1) and growing


-Daily news articles normalizing the abnormal, and valorizing the unseen. A refugee’s success story in Germany! (It proves that not all refugees are bad, and mostly that not all muslims are useless, or worthless, or violent); A poor little boy saves a cat! (It proves that humanity is not dead, and that mercy is still in our vocabulary); A priest and an Imam just prayed together! (It assures us that religious differences are not a source of discomfort in this world!); A black boy just hugged a white girl! (The world is fine!)…

-Songs that highlight what should be considered as basics: “express yourself,” “I need to wake up,” ” I love me too…” (Because we need a song to tell us that we should accept who we are, and develop our self expressing skills, and grow a conscious voice inside of us).

-Comedians who provide us with the long-awaited transparency in politics.

-International environmental conferences that are held, almost, yearly to show us that our “leaders” care enough about what we like to call our “future.” (It’s good to have an article or two about reducing toxic emissions by 23%. It makes us feel “safe” or maybe I should say, confident– regardless of it happening or not).


We each have the span of 80 years, on average, to spend inside that rented body, and all we did, so far, is drive the world to the final period of the Cenozoic era with, at least, 6 billion hypocrites.

I contributed to this result, and I still am.

You contributed, and you still are.

We contributed, and we still are.

And you know what, we’re each inhabiting one of these rented bodies, that we will, at some point, give away. So, does it matter? Does what you do in the span of 80 years, on average, matter, at all?



2 thoughts on “We’re each inhabiting a different rented body…

  1. Everything we do, matters, because in the grand scheme, within the greater context, it does not matter. We live and experience such a small amount of all that can, will, and does exist in what we know as the universe. We are trapped to experience the universe within the confines between birth and death(80 years). But the race, the idea that 80 years is not enough, that is what makes it matter less. 24 hours is a very long time why? We have such a short life time. The fly does not wish to live as long as the whale. The fly only wishes to be a fly. We are but dust in a universe of full of galaxies, does it matter that a many stars has died and many constellations born, in the amount of time that it has taken to type this? To me, no lol why because I only have 80 years. Every second is that much more important when your going to die soon. Colors are alot more beautiful, love is alot more real, pain hurts so much more, and yet all of it has absolutely no effect on the universe that has and will exist after you die. That is the beauty of morality, although nothing that you do matters, everything that you do matters when you remember how insegnicant you really are. Yet we all feel important, as we should much like the rest of the universe we are made up of the same atoms. We are like everything, made up of the same “stuff”, yet because of our short lifespan, we know that we are nothings. Perfect is the world and comedy that is life.

    1. Beautiful words. I don;t know how to feel about it though. What you said is full of paradoxes, and I believe that’s what mades it beautiful. I mean, we are at the end of the day built on paradoxes: We matter, but we don’t; we live everyday, and we die daily; we are moving forward, and stepping back constantly…
      Thank you for the great comment!

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